Choose NOVUS

At Novus, our success is based on our dedication to offering the highest level of in-community pain management. Our Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners evaluate each resident’s functional deficits to provide appropriate intervention and collaborate with the interdisciplinary team to minimize disability and improve functional independence. One of our top priorities is educating and providing guidance to Rehabilitation and Nursing to ensure the delivery of the highest quality outcomes with the most efficient use of resources.

Our Services

  • Novus contributes to important facility matrix including LOS goals, reducing patient re-hospitalization rates, pain scores, and reduction in opioid utilization
  • Novus providers are available to be onsite to provide care weekly
  • Novus’s program will position your community to be pain score survey ready – reducing flags, tags, and deficiencies
  • Novus offers automatic documentation integration into your communities EMR

Operations & Technology

  • A dedicated PM&R or Pain Management Physician
  • Promotion of collaboration and teamwork
  • Reduction in Hospital Readmissions
  • Appropriate evaluation of pain and prescription utilization
  • Management of operations to ensure compliance with changing regulations


  • Improved quality of life for your residents
  • Ongoing outcome tracking